Aluminum Alloys for Aerospace

April 17, 2021  

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Aluminum alloys are often a preferred material for aerospace designs and required by engineering due to its corrosion-resistance properties and high strength capabilities. Compared to steel it is a lightweight option, and an ideal material for a wide range of aircraft components and aerospace applications.  

Aerospace Aluminum Grades 

The aluminum grade needed for your aerospace application will largely depend on the function of your application. Corrosion-resistance and machinability are some of the factors to consider when choosing the correct aluminum alloy. 

Aluminum Grade

Aluminum Grade Properties

Alloy 2014

Ideal for framework due to its machinability and strength. Does not provide corrosion-resistance when compared to other aluminum grades. It is not well-suited for applications with high environmental stressors or corrosive environments.

Alloy 2024

Widely used among aircraft and aerospace components. Provides stress resistance, high-tensile strength, and can be heat treated. Aluminum sheet and plate are ideal for applications such as aircraft wings, structures, or repair purposes.

Alloy 3003

Provides corrosion-resistance and weldability. It is one of the more commonly used aluminum alloys for aviation and aircraft. Alloy 3003 is not heat-treatable.


Another non-heat treatable aluminum alloy, alloy 5052 offers a high fatigue strength when compared to other aluminum grades. It offers good corrosion-resistance and formability properties. It is commonly used for aircraft fuel tanks.


Workable with excellent corrosion-resistance, alloy 6061 can be welded and brazed. It is commonly used for wings or fuselage.


Ideal for anodizing applications or architectural structures. Alloy 6063 offers high-tensile properties with high corrosion-resistance. Often used for aesthetic purposes and finishes.

Alloy 7050

Ideal for wing skins and military aircraft, alloy 7050 has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and can be heat-treated.

Alloy 7068

Commonly used for aircraft applications, alloy 7068 is one of the strongest aluminum alloys available for aerospace applications. Its corrosion-resistance and high-strength make it a popular aluminum alloy grade for applications that are subjected to high environmental stressors.

Alloy 7075

Aluminum alloy 7075 offers high fatigue-resistance and average corrosion-resistance. It has high levels of zinc making it comparable in strength to steel. It is ideal for high-stressed components like gears or fuselages. One of the most common aluminum alloys used for aerospace components.

Benefits of Aluminum for Aircraft and Aerospace Applications

With its lightweight properties and high strength-to-weight ratio, aluminum has been the preferred choice of metal materials for aerospace applications. Additional benefits that aluminum offers for aircraft applications include:

· Durability in high stressed environments, temperature and pressure extremes

· Formability allows for easy fabrication for smaller aircraft parts

· Aluminum alloys offer high electrical conductivity

· Due to the lightweight properties of aluminum, it offers a cost-effective alternative to other material types. Lighter aircraft can equate to less fuel consumption and an overall cost-saving advantage

Common Aluminum Products Used for Aircraft Components

Aluminum sheet and plate and aluminum bar are commonly used aluminum types for aircraft components and parts. Aluminum tubealuminum pipe, and aluminum shapes offer additional options for aircraft and aerospace parts and structures.

Aluminum Experts for Aerospace Engineering

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