Corrugated Sheets for Roofing

May 18, 2021

Posted in: Steel, Construction
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When thinking about roofing materials, shingles often come to mind. Whether asphalt or wood, shingles are generally easy to install and repair. But what about metal roofing? Often made of high-quality metals including aluminum and steel, metal roofing provides an aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting way to keep homes and businesses protected.

Corrugated steel sheets are commonly used for residential and commercial roofing purposes. Durability and a long lifespan make corrugated metal sheets an ideal choice for metal roofing as well as metal siding.

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Benefits of Corrugated Metal for Roofing
Corrugated metal sheets provide the following benefits:
Weather protection
Long-term cost-effectiveness
Fire resistant
Low maintenance
Energy efficient
Simple installation
Corrugated steel sheets can also be painted in different colors, offering a unique aesthetic for new construction buildings and homes.

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Galvalume Steel Metal Sheets
Hot dipped, made of steel, aluminum, zinc, and silicon, Galvalume offers a more corrosion-resistant metal roofing option due to its inclusion of aluminum.
Galvalume coated metal roofing can last between 40-60 years before corrosion or rust sets in. Lifespan of corrosion resistance is largely determined by environmental factors. Areas with ocean salt or wet climates can see rust occur more rapidly.
Galvanized Steel Metal Sheets
Galvanized steel metal sheets are coated with zinc, offering corrosion resistance to scratches and minor wear and tear.
Once the galvanized substrates have worn, corrosion and rust will occur.
Uncoated or unpainted galvanized steel can last upwards of 15-20 years without rust, depending on climate factors.
Corrugated Metal Roofing Considerations
When choosing corrugated metal versus shingle roofing, some factors to consider include:
Budgetary restraints
Climate/environmental factors
Roof design and complexity
Roof pitch can restrict the use of corrugated metal.
Experienced contractors
Corrugated metal roofing requires skilled, experienced roofing contractors.
Corrugated Metal Panel Profile Options
Corrugated metal sheets can be manufactured in a variety of profiles, including:
AG Panel
B Deck
½” Corrugated
7/8” Corrugated
7.2L Panel
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